粕谷淳司と粕谷奈緒子は、人々の生活と空間デザインの関係を探求し、戸建住宅、集合住宅、商業施設、生産施設、オフィス、ランドスケープ、展示会場構成など、幅広い分野で創造的かつ実践的なデザインを行なっている。代表作に「TWIST」(新建築住宅特集2007:11他)、「日本女子大学目白キャンパス泉プロムナード」(ランドスケープデザイン2007:10他)、「青梅の家」(新建築住宅特集2009:03他)、「松本の家(K邸)」(新建築住宅特集2011:06他)、「安曇野の山荘」(JIA優秀建築選2016他)、「QUAD」(新建築2015:02他)、「AREA PARK STUDIO」(GA HOUSES #144他)、「GREEN HAT 2030」(新建築2015:12他)など。主な受賞に、「建築学生設計大賞」(粕谷淳司、1996年)、「日本女子大学中央広場設計競技最優秀賞」(2005年)、「JIA優秀建築選」(2008、2016、2018年)、「Designing Window Awards the Best Design Prize」(2011年)などがある。

Atsushi and Naoko Kasuya have produced creative and practical designs in a wide variety of fields — private homes, housing complexes, commercial facilities, factories, offices, landscapes and exhibitions, among others — through their search into the relationship between people’s lifestyles and spatial designs. Representative works include TWIST (Shinkenchiku Jutakutokushu 2007:11, etc.), Japan Women’s University Mejiro Campus Izumi Promenade (Landscape Design2007:10, etc.), T House in Ome (Shinkenchiku Jutakutokushu2009:03, etc.), K House (Shinkenchiku Jutakutokushu2011:06, etc.), Forest House (JIA Award 2016, etc.), QUAD (Shinkenchiku2015:02), AREA PARK STUDIO (GA Houses #144, etc.), GREEN HAT 2030 (Shinkenchiku2015:12, etc.), among others. Major awards include 1stplace in Architectural Grand Prix for Students 1996 (Atsushi Kasuya, 1996), 1stPlace in the Japan Women’s University Central Plaza Design Competition (2005), JIA Award (2008, 2016, 2018) and the Best Design Prize in the Designing Window Awards (2011), among others.


建築家。関東学院大学准教授。カスヤアーキテクツオフィス一級建築士事務所代表。1971年東京都出身。東京大学工学部建築学科卒業、同大学院修了。株式会社アプル総合計画事務所(建築家:大野秀敏)に勤務後、2002年カスヤアーキテクツオフィス設立・主宰。主な著書に「現代住宅空間設計 日本建築師作品選」(上海辞書出版社)、「改訂新版 建築を知る:はじめての建築学」「新版 住宅をデザインする: はじめての建築学」(鹿島出版会)、「一生使える!住宅の高さ寸法」(株式会社エクスナレッジ)など。


Atsushi Kasuya
Atsushi Kasuya is an architect and associate professor at Kanto Gakuin University as well as the representative of Kasuya Architects’ Office. Born 1971 in Tokyo, he holds both bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Tokyo, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Architecture. He founded Kasuya Architects’ Office in 2002, after working for Architects and Planners League  (architect: Hidetoshi Ohno). He has also authored a number of books including Gendai jyutaku kuukan sekkei Nihon kenchikushi sakuhinsen [Modern Housing Design: Japanese Architects Selection] (Shanghal Lexicographical Publishing House), Kaitei shinpan Kenchiku wo shiru: Hajimete no kenchikugaku [Revised Edition Learning Archtiecture: Beginner’s Guide to Architecture](Kajima Institute Publishing Co., Ltd.) and so on. 

He has taught as a part-time lecturer at Meiji University from 2008 to 2012 and at Kogakuin University from 2011 to 2013. He has been a full-time lecturer at Kanto Gakuin University from 2013 and an associate professor from 2018.




Naoko Kasuya
Naoko Kasuya is an architect and part-time lecturer at Japan Women’s University as well as a joint partner at Kasuya Architect’s Office (managing architect). Born in Oita Prefecture, she graduated with both bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Japan Women’s University School of Human Life Science, Division of Living Environment. After working at Koji Takeda Architect & Associates and milligram architectural studio, she became a joint partner at Kasuya Architects’ Office in 2005. She has authored books including Issho tsukaeru! Jyutaku no takasa sunpou [Learn a Skill that You Can Use Forever! Housing Heights and Dimensions](X-Knowledge Co., Ltd.).

She has taught as a part-time lecturer at Toyo University from 2007 to 2014, Bunka Gakuen University from 2008 to 2012, Shohoku College from 2009 to 2013, Nihon University in 2014 and at Japan Women’s University from 2012.