都市部の高層耐火建築物を木質構造で実現する「TIMBERIZE TOKYO」プロジェクトのための試案。一種類の材料を水平・垂直に組み合わせて作る、自由で新しい木質構造建築の提案である。

This is a tentative scheme for the Timberize Tokyo Project, a project for realizing fire-resistant, timber high-rises in an urban context. Our proposal was for a new and flexible timber structure composed of a single type of timber member assembled horizontally and vertically.

“NEST” does not have any columns or beams like in a normal building. The perpendicular members are “somewhere in between a column and a wall,” while the horizontal members are also “somewhere in between a beam and a floor.”

In “NEST,” floors can be constructed at any arbitrary height by freely arranging horizontal members. The horizontal members, spaced at 60cm intervals, can become a floor when covered with plywood or a transparent floor if covered with glass. If the height of the floors are changed a little at a time, a staggered, unified interior space can be realized. At the same time, removing horizontal members allows for the free creation of atriums anywhere.

In “Nest,” perpendicular members can also be removed freely to create large “windows.” Because it is a timber structure, openings can also be increased or reduced at any later date, anywhere as necessary.

“Nest” is a building that encompasses both “translucency” and the “feel of wood.” In any place within “Nest,” half of the wall is transparent, creating an openness that is close to being under the shade of a tree.

“Nest” is not bound to any specific use. It is a building that can become a shop, office, library, or museum.

“Nest” is a “building that feels like a walkway,” as though the Cat Street out front has simply been three-dimensionalized.

名称:"NEST" / Project for TIMBERIZE TOKYO

Project name: "NEST" / Project for TIMBERIZE TOKYO
Project site: Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
Function: Office, Comercial, Housing
Design: Atsushi+Naoko Kasuya, Yuki Murata(KAO) 
Structural Design: Yasutaka Konishi (KSE)
Photo: Bin Asakawa, KAO