韓国国立現代美術館(MMCA)で、2015年5月から11月にかけて開催された『City We Have Known - Photographs of Kang Hong Goo and Area Park』展の会場構成である。KAOは写真家Area Park氏の展示ゾーンのデザインを担当した。

This was an exhibition layout for an exhibit titled “City We Have Known — Photographs of Kang Hong Goo and Area Park,” held at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA) in South Korea from May to November 2015. KAO was responsible for designing the exhibition area for the photographer Area Park. 

In the first room of the exhibit, we constructed a temporary curved wall and radial walls that extend out from it, which allow for navigability in the space and create exhibition spaces in four different proportions. The curved exhibition room with its obstructed view — which houses the series of seascape photographs — has a low ceiling and dark interior that smells faintly of fuel oil, reminiscent of a boat. Passing through this space, the visitor is cut off from the world of the everyday and led into a different world. The exhibition room ahead has less space on the walls as compared to its tall ceiling and a huge photograph of a cityscape adorns the wall. As the newly inserted minimum architectural elements reacts to the exhibit, the city as we knew it and that no longer exists today is born within this space.

名称:"City We Have Known"展 会場構成
実施設計・監理:MMCA(Kim Yongju、Lee Sabine)

Project name:"City We Have Known" Exhibition
Client:Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea
Project site:Gwacheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Function:Exhibition Design
Size:appx. 220m2
Design:Atsushi+Naoko Kasuya, Kazuma Furuhashi(KAO), Kim Yongju, Lee Sabine(MMCA)
Photo:Atsushi Kasuya